New Sponsor: The Boathouse!


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Hi Everyone,

I would like to officially welcome our new title sponsor The Boathouse! I would like to encourage all of our members to visit the website and consider shopping from The Boat House the next time you make a sailing purchase.

Remember, The Laser Forum does not receive outside funding from any class organization; we are 100% advertiser supported.

The Boat House is owned by Scott Fox who is a member here on TLF. His username is TheBoathouse. Feel free to send him a message and thank him for signing on as a sponsor here at The Laser Forum.

Best Regards,
WestCoast said:
hehe, I'm pretty sure Scott gave me guff six months back for supporting the forum :) thanks for joining TLF team Scott!
George, I had to let you pave the way for 6 months...Thanks for being a pioneer :D . Now all the forum dwellers can choose between the West Coast and the East Coast for all there parts....By the way the direct link to our site is ...Scott