New Sails - What maker do you prefer?

What sail maker do you prefer?

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I'm going to need new sails sometime soon. I see North Sails, Quantum Sails, and Scott Sails on the Links page. Looks like roughly $1100 at North and Quantum and a little under $1000 at Scott. I'm curious what owners from the various makers out there think.

PS. Anyone have an old / used set of racing sails with a little life left in them they're looking to unload cheap? (Sorry, don't want to spend a lot on used sails, as I'm saving for new ones... but make an offer if you have some you're not using.)
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I have a brand new set of sails that were given to me and my observations are, the main is very deep and the jib is flat. Come to find out however that North cut was a late 90's version of their sails, and they most likely have updated it since then. One of the benefits of the Quantum sails is the jib has the loop sewn into the clew of the sail allowing a straight lead to the jib down wind, also the quantum jib is streched to the maximum legal size limit. I am the only boat left racing with north sails, in san diego, everyone else had gone either with the Quantums or the Scotts.