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New Sails Opportunity


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I have the boat under the thread "It's out of the weeds" and I'm going to be replacing/repairing a lot of things now that the boat has been "rescued". Since mice destroyed the sails I've got to replace those, except maybe the main; those huge holes in the center may be easier to use instead of reefing. Anyhow, I've been searching for a good deal on a set and have looked at all the usual suspects - North, Quantum, etc.

As it happens, I also own an O'Day Daysailer 1 and over on that forum someone has discovered a new sail source - Intensity Sails - and they are offering DS sails at a very attractive price. So I dropped them a line to see if they had C14 sails, but currently they don't; I'm told it's on their list of things to do.

Now I'm not a racer, except if I see another boat on the same tack, or not, and I don't pretend to be an expert sailor. I can move the boat where I want to go without upsetting any passengers (read SWMBO) so I don't care or need to buy racing sails. I'd like to get a serviceable set of recreational sails that will not stretch to hammocks in 2 seasons. That translates to inexpensive, since I'm supporting 3 sailboats now: C14, DS1, and a C22. The admiral isn't crazy about my "fleet" but she's getting more understanding after 35 years.

I asked Intensity what it would take to move the C14 up the list and their response is that it takes an order of 50 sets to get things going. There's an initial delay since they have to send the design to the source - I'm sure they're cut and sewn overseas - and verify the samples before production; 3 to 5 months probably, or 1 winter. So now the interesting part: a main would cost somewhere around $249.99 and a jib around $139.99. Those aren't hard numbers, but should be close. They use 200gm (5.88oz) cloth and would most likely include battens and insignia. Don't know about cunningham, reef points, numbers or windows. I haven't tried to get many fine points resolved until I know if there's any interest beyond me.

My question then, is anyone else interested? I don't have a dog in this fight, except that I'd like to find, as I implied before, an inexpensive source for sails. It would seem to me that I'm not unique and at that price level it shouldn't be real hard to find 49 more like me. The contact there, www.intensitysails.com, is Jim Myers.


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Curious. As of today, 12/19, the original message was looked at over 400 times, yet there's been no response.
Seems to me having another source for reasonably priced sails wouldn't be a bad thing.
Is there something I'm missing here?


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Hi Bill!

Just guessing, but perhaps like myself, lots of people read every post whether it pertains to them or not.

Personally, I don't have any need for new sails but certainly appreciate the info!

Good luck.


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Thanks guys. My only experinence with Intensity Sails is over on the Daysailer forum and, like Scott, I don't need sails for that boat.
I do see that they've been getting really good reviews from the people who've bought sails over there.
Guess I shouldn't worry about sails right now - just got done removing 8" of snow off the boats. Then the driveway. First things first.