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I do not intend to sail my boat this year, but it will be in a slip at the marina should I store the

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I am a new sailer and bought a 27 foot Nash.
Is is at a Marina but stored with the mast laying down.
I do not plan to sail it this year, so can I just store the mast or should it be put in place?
Doesn't really mater provided the mast is treated in a safe manor.

If you choose to step the mast for storage make sure all shrouds are properly attached and perhaps remove the halyards and all other lines. I chose to have the shrouds just snug, not fully tightened and tuned. Doing this takes some of the stress off of the hull. Be sure to tune the mast fore and aft as well as bow to stern. If the mast is stepped through the deck make certain that the mast to deck seal is in place and in good condition.

If you choose to store the mast off or on the boat make sure it is secured soundly. If the mast steps through the deck it is a good plan to seal the opening through the deck to keep the weather and critters out of the boat. Avoid using rags, Styrofoam, foam rubber, paper or any other material that will absorb moisture to protect the mast. When moisture is kept in contact with aluminum for prolonged periods of time it will damage the surface even if it is anodized or painted.

Either method of storage will be just fine as long as you follow these simple steps.

Congratulations and good luck...;)
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Thank you so much for the reply and good advice .
How many people would be required to step the mast?

I think I will try to get that done, do just in case I can get someone to give me some hands on practice.

On a different subject I have a 24 foot flat deck trailer with three 7,500 pound axles and a bed width of 7 feet.
Could I haul my boat sitting on its own cradle with that type of trailer. It would s 27 inches from deck to the ground.
Hard to say. I don't know how much the boat weighs but I can say that the weight of the boat and the cradle cannot exceed the axle weight of the trailer. The tongue weight must be within the limits of the hitch on the towing vehicle (enough but not too much). The towing capability of the vehicle must meet of exceed the weight of the trailer and its load. The cradle must be capable of handling not only the static load of the boat but also the dynamic load imposed by the movement of the boat during transit. If all of these conditions are met then things will be just fine.

I realize this is of little use in answering your question but I doubt anyone can answer your question specifically with only the information provided. I suggest you speak with an experienced boat mover and obtain their expert advice... Any experienced load rigger should be able to provide guidance.:confused:

Good luck...
27 ft boat... what is the beam? (width at widest part of the boat)
you may need professional hauling just do deal with the permits if its oversize.

Pictures that come up (may or may not represent your boat...) look like its a fixed keel which means the resulting load on a flatbed will be very TALL... and need to ensure you have clearance (and possibly over-height permits) and the driver will have to use care to avoid tipping over.
Another reason for at least consulting professionals.

I suspect the weight is the least of your concerns for hauling the boat.