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New sailor here!

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Looking for a fair price on a fair Sunfish for a beginner. I want to sail blue water someday but I gotta start somewhere! I’d love something I can get my hands on if it needs a little TLC but nothing too major/structural to learn the basics on. I’m in Indiana but I’m willing to travel a couple hours for a deal.

Not sure what to put for price?

Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender

Don’t know where you are in Indiana, this could be 2 hrs or much more from you. Not my boat. Looks like a great deal and has the new style rudder. Keep an eye on craigslist for your best bet finding a used Sunfish.

Cactus Cowboy

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Hang on to that blue water dream, and you'll make it happen someday... if only aboard a rental boat, aye? Sometimes a rental is the way to go when traveling, but it's best to ask the locals about conditions, currents, tides, specific hazards & obstructions, etc. If there's a chart handy at the rental dock (on a wall of the sail hut or rental office, for instance), take a good look at it, the knowledge may help you later... good luck in finding a boat, and CHEERS!!! :cool:


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Search craiglist and include nearby areas or increase the distance to 200 miles from your zip code. More will pop up.

Mr. Bill

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ask around your area. Not just ads, but talk to people who are sailing. I had been looking for several months and not found a boat i could afford. I was talking to a fellow kayaker and she said there was a sunfish for sale just a block from me. i talked to the guy and bought the boat, a 1966 model for $200.00. It was a complete original boat that had been in inside storage for 35 years. That's a pic of it on my page. You just have to keep at it and something will turn up. there are so many of these out there.

signal charlie

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Try a Wanted Ad on Craigslist. Expect to pay around 800 for what Alan calls a Beach Banger, a boat that is a little crusty but ready to sail.
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