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Hello everyone!

I just traded for a 1985 Capri 14.2. I've always wanted to learn to sail and decided now is the time, lol! I'm in Ohio so no coastal sailing for us, unfortunately. I'll be on small lakes at first and maybe some larger ones later.... once I know I won't sink her!

The question... when do you worry about cracks in gelcoat? There are several, but it seems solid everywhere to me. Any opinions?

Congratulations on your first sailboat! Post a few pics and you’ll get better advice. Cracks may be cosmetic- spider cracks- and it’s generally not worth chasing after them in attempt to fill them. Or you may have some work to do if the cracks are larger.
Let’s see what you’ve got!
6 years ago I snagged a 1986 Capri Mod 1 for a paltry $1200. It was in so-so shape, I've put a ton of $$ and labor into it to make it something special. Look back at my posts, everything I've done is there to be seen. Any questions feel free to ask.
I found this file from Get 10,000+ sailboats data and information from here.


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