New Sailfish

You youngsters are a bunch of lightweights! Back in my day, boats were wood. When they got too hot in the sun, they caught fire! I lost my first wood Sailfish to a sun-induced fire, and the sun burned the stern off my second wood Sunfish. I rebuilt her and named her “Don’t Burn My Stern”. A little melted fiberglass is nothing compared to a plywood inferno!!
Thanks for acknowledging that. Appreciated. :)

Based on the heat deflection temps of polyester resin, I could believe a heavy powerboat or sailboat could have issues under certain conditions. But for the sailfish to start melting, means the blue deck would need to approach 200 degrees and transmit heat to the white flange of fiberglass the deck joins to , and the portion of the boat's 100 lb weight that is resting on it would need to be sufficient to bend the deck and aluminum edging. The other possibility is that a very heavy weight was positioned on the flange while the boat rested on the starboard edge, then the boat heated up to 200 degrees or so, and then the polyester resin started melting and the weight was so great that it bend the aluminum too.

I am not buying it.
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! You missed your calling, ya should've been a comedian, you would've been quite successful. Temps for boats sitting on asphalt under a blazing sun can be quite high, especially if the boat is under the wrong kind of tarp. Ever hear the saying, "Hotter than Georgia asphalt?" It usually referred to somebody's temper (or loss of it), but it applies in this case. Temps for boats in the water are irrelevant, as they are much cooler and the hulls have greater support according to their design. Anyway, when I worked the Sail Hut at SDNSC, I saw plenty of deformed hulls sitting on inappropriate trailers or whatnot, hull deformation is a fact of life in the nautical world, and that includes the club parking lot, LOL. I should add that it's usually a slow process over time, not something that happens overnight. Meh, go on believing it never happens, and be sure to post some sailing pics or Hero Cam videos of yourself bending on the knots... lesser mortals may benefit from such material, don'tcha know??? And when I say "bending on the knots" I am NOT referring to the boat speed of that La-Z-Boy recliner, aye??? :confused:

P.S. To the hand who called us "youngsters": Thank you for the compliment, but the fact remains that I've been around since dinosaurs roamed the earth... tough BBQ fare, those dinosaurs, damned things were tougher than dollar steaks, LOL. :eek:
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