New sail: Mark 2 or 1?

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Hi everyone,

I need to get a new sail in the near future and am keen to know what people's opinions are of the new standard sail over the old cut. is there a performance difference in light winds, heavy winds etc.?

I have heard it is faster in the breeze but slower in light winds.

Any thoughts would be appreciated (or a link to another thread on this as there must be one!? I can't find it)


Upside down?
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Just go down this Laser Talk section to find other threads related to the 'new' sail.
In addition, there's a long thread in the Laser Politics section

As an aside, I have read that it's hard to find a dealer in the US with sails

Rob B

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Can't get the MK I anymore. Only MK II's, (which eliminates the questions) but like Wavedancer says, they are hard to find in the US.