New sail for my Sunfish

It's a great group. Like you, I bought mine just a few weeks ago and I'm teaching myself alone as well. Lots of trials, and more that a few errors but I wouldn't have it any other way. =) Best of luck and just have a great time out there. It's a blast.


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Okay, here's another one: when you're in the water because the boat has capsized, you can make life a lot easier: turn the boat with its nose towards the wind before you get it upright again. With the bow facing the wind, there's no wind pushing against the sail when you try to get it up. That's a lot easier than trying to get in when, at the same moment, the wind is trying to blow your boat down again.
I don't know the characteristics of a Sunfish hull, but a lot of boats swing around when you apply pressure on the daggerboard (climb on the dagger, hanging on the daggerboard without getting back in etc). It's worth practising on a sunny day with someone close-by watching you. You can also check if your PDF is doing its work properly.


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As above:

Following a capsize, it's "a drag" being immersed in the water. My first thoughts are to locate floating valuables—but gotta make it "quick", as "lost-time" can only make things worse. :(

Try a search here on "turtle, turtling".

Try here:
Search results for query: turtle, turtling

(One discussion—from the above link—follows, on filling the spars with foam). :oops:

Once upright, strong winds will try to blow the Sunfish away from you—so use the "drag" of your body at the bow handle and use the wind to align the boat directly into the wind.

While maintaining the boat's alignment, gently "shuffle your way aft" and re-enter the cockpit.