New rudder design


The rudder you speak about planing can't be Phillipine Mahogany. This wood can't be planed. It only takes a few minutes to drill some holes and insert some wooden pins.
Reshaping, well that's another matter! Is this allowed by Class Rules? Where do I get an accurate plan for the improved rudder?
Hi Al,
The only reshapeing currently allowed by class rules is limited to 1-1/4" from the edge. Basically you can make the leading edge blunter (build up the edge with a bondo type putty and round over) and sharpen the trailing edge. Refinishing is also allowed to include fiberglassing, see rule 3.3.1. You can also reinforce the rudder and bush the holes, add washers or plastic pads, rule 3.3.2. Also see the diagrams at the end of the rules.

You hit the one-design-nail right on the head!

As a non-racer and non-class member you should feel free
to tweak, customize or enhance your boat however you see fit.