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New rudder blade shape for old rudder hardware


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Hello fellow Sunfishers,

I am thinking about building another set of blades for my 71 Sunfish. The new longer dagger board is straight forward, but has anyone tried and succeeded in adapting the new rudder shape with the old bronze rudder hardware? I sketched it out on paper, and with a little modification it seems like it would work, but I thought I would check with everyone here before attempting it.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Shouldn't be all that big a deal. The newer shape is a little less drag. Slight difference in the kick-up mechanism if you hit a stump... but the daggerboard usually finds the stump first anyway.

I've been thinking of making a swing keel mod...


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My sunfish came with the new style rudder mounted with old hardware. The only issue I had was the tiller bolt location was in the wrong place and the tiller was angled very low.
I replaced the old hardware with the new style for racing.