New radial carbon top section

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i have heard rumors about the radial class getting a new carbon fibre top section to be class legal. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about this


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Hey there Eric,

I don't really know any details about if the new carbon top sections are going to be legal or not, but what I do know is that they do exist and I did get to try a couple last year. When I was training in Europe last summer in the Radial I had an opportunity to try the carbon top and I found that for me they were too soft. For the lighter Radial guys and girls though, they are excellent. It really changes the feel of the boat, although I am not too sure if the softer mast will be as good in waves.
If you get the chance, I recommend just trying it out to see how different it is from the normal mast!
The following quotation is to find on page 7 of a pdf-file at www_laser_org:

Start of Quotation:

Report of the 2004 ILCA World Council Meeting
Friday May 21, 2004


Chip Johns reported to the World Council on this meeting
which dealt mostly with various inter-builder issues but also included a status report on
the “carbon” upper mast sections for the Laser and 4.7. The builder’s continue to work
hard on testing the spars attempting to very carefully test all the issues which could affect
not only performance but also lifetime of these new spars. Interim reports will go to the
World Council through the Technical Committee as further progress is made.


End of Quotation

I think, thats the newest official public report (if not please correct me) about that carbon spars.
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