New PVC Dolly!

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Hey guys. Sorry for the 4 year delay. I haven't signed on here since 2010. Sorry. I will make a parts list for you guys. ASAP. BTW I still use this dolly and it works great. I actually use the extension to rest on my trailer as I push the boat onto the dolly. If you look close you can see that the center PVC pipe is supported by two pieces of aluminum strips. I think I used 1.5" PVC and the rear supports are made from 1x5 pine wrapped with thin outdoor carpet and the forward bow support is 2x4 pine. They are mounted to the PVC on a slight angle using bolts that are recessed into the pine and drilled into the PVC.
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Okay so here is the dolly that I made this weekend. It cost me about $50.00 to make. and it can be broken down so it can fit in my Ford Escape while I trailer the boat. Ill post parts list and instructions at some point this week. I used wide tires and used a line to stabilize the extension. It's remarkably stable and lightweight. I've pulled it through the yard and also over some peices of wood and rocks to test what it will be able to do. I think the wider tires should perform well in the sand.

I'm new to the forum and don't see any pix or parts list. Is it somewhere else on here?
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Okay so here we go with the AJC6882 PVC DOLLY please use the pictures as a guide.

Parts List:
a) 2pcs 10ft 1.25" PVC Pipe (cut into a 4o" piece for dolly, 44" peice for extension pole, two 16" peices for the cross members near the wheels, 4 pcs at 11" to support bunkers on rear, and left over will be used to connect fittings together. Most of the fittings will be butted together so tight that the pipe won't show.
b) 1pc 1.25" 4-way tee
c) 9pcs 1.25" T's
d) 10 1.25" end caps (used to cap off pvc pipe and will be drilled with 1/2" holes for threaded rod)
e) 2pcs 45* elbow
f) 1pc threaded coupling
g) 1pc 8ft 1/2" Aluminum C-channel (cut in half to prevent flex on dolly)
h) 1pc 4ft of 1/2" threaded rod(electro galvanized or zinc plated)
i) 4pcs 1/2" Nuts
j) 4pcs 1/2" Fender washers
k) 6pcs 3/16"x 4" Stainless bolts and nuts and 12pcs 3/16" Stainless flat washers for bunkers
l) 3pcs 3/16"x 4" Stainless bolts, nuts, and washers for aluminum c-channel
m) 2pcs wide inflatable wheels with 1/2" bearings (harbor freight tools)
n) 1pcs 2x4 x 8ft for bunkers

I placed the boat upside down and dry fitted all the PVC together and placed it on the bottom of the boat to get the right angles. Then I marked all the PVC with a sharpie so I knew where to align the parts when glueing.
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