New PVC Dolly!

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Okay so here is the dolly that I made this weekend. It cost me about $50.00 to make. and it can be broken down so it can fit in my Ford Escape while I trailer the boat. Ill post parts list and instructions at some point this week. I used wide tires and used a line to stabilize the extension. It's remarkably stable and lightweight. I've pulled it through the yard and also over some peices of wood and rocks to test what it will be able to do. I think the wider tires should perform well in the sand.

That looks like an oustanding design! I have to make a dolly as I only have a trailer and will be sailing alone for the most part. Is it difficult to move the boat from trailer to dolly? I Look forward to seeing your parts list.

Have you ever posted the parts list and specs for the dolly? I have a Fprce 5 and want to build a dolly and think your design might work. Please let me know when you post the parts list and specs.
Maybe I'm missing something here but I don't see picture. I realize this an an old thread, But can someone re-post the picture. I'm looking to make dolly.


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Sorry about your trouble. I could see the pics even when not signed in. Therefore, my first suggestion was wrong.
Could it be that your browser program is set so as not to download jpgs 'automatically'? Or can't/won't download them at all?

I am using Firefox 32, but am by no means a geek.
Okay I found my issue. The photos are attached though Photo Bucket not attached via the website. We block Photo Bucket and like sites. When I viewed the page source It show me were they were located. 2.JPG
I second that request. Parts list and dimensions would be SWEET. What did you use for the Bunk boards? Axle and hubs?
I am looking forward to building one of these things over the winter.
Thanks bunches


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I actually built a version of this based on pictures provided. The only issue I had with the setup was that PVC tends to bend so the extension never really worked. I removed the extension and just used the dolly without it. It works very well otherwise.


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I started off by building Jim Manta's yard dolly which I found on the Sunfish Sailor Yahoo group (PDF is attached). It's also a PVC dolly and very similar in design to the dolly in this thread but the problem with this version is that the plastic wheels wobbled under load and the height of the dolly was a little low. I then converted it to the version in this thread by increasing the height and adding the second horizontal support. I also added the extension but the extension never really worked because it was not strong enough to provide much support.

Since I didn't plan on putting the dolly in the water, I used a 5/8" steel axle and used an axle push nut to keep the wheels on. The wheels I finally used were the 13" x 5" heavy duty pneumatic tires from Harbor Freight which works great on almost any terrain. By the way, removing the push nut to replace the wheels was not an easy task so I don't think they'll ever come off on their own.



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I built one almost identical. I used an old garden cart for the axel and wheels. The wheels are only 2" wide and hard rubber but it works on my hard packed gravel launch. the axel simply slid through the plastic pipe. I made a mistake and had the extension running parallel to the boards that held the boat. With the bend in the extension and the shape of the boat, it meant that the boat did not fit into the front pipes that held the boat. Also, after about 2 years, the sun really affected the PVC and it broke wherever it was under stress. To hold the boat, I didn't use boards but PVC wrapped in felt.

Next time, I'll break down and get smaller but wider wheels (like wheelbarrow or dolly tires) that would result in a lower dolly making it easier to pull the boat into the dolly while in the water.