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new pics up restoring


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thought I'd post a few pics up

pics of the boat before and during the restore --- don't have the booms or sail figured id give her a revamp on the hardware fresh paint and some fixing of botched patching and old maintenance

pulled 99.9% of the hardware off the boat -- don't know what they used to screw in the boom stay i screwed up to drill bits and didn't even put a dent in the head of the screw -- must not have been ss its all rusted or if its ss the coating has come off and its rusted to heck!!!

under the rudder attachment was another hin matched the large one on the starboard side

pulled the aluminum trim off -- one piece was cut and botched --- might look into all new pieces or buff the old

had the hardest time with the starboard drain on the top of the hull the brass was froze up --- had to cut it out with the grinder il build back up the hole and replace the drain!!

lot of rub through on the stern of the boat from old lines and the tiller ext (not me from the sanding) will come back and use marine epoxy / 5200 / fiberglass mat and resin to fix all rub through and misc holes and a few stress cracks and near the bow -- also the splash guard has 3 different places -- must have been ripped off a few time and replaced will go back to the orig location

going to install the to access ports

then give a fresh coat of paint

here are some pics!!!