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I'm a new owner of a Capri 14.2 and I just stumbled upon the associations web site. Boy am I glad, you members have just saved me a lot of grief and $$. My capri is a 1984 model in mint condition. However, it did not have any docking cleats anywhere on the boat, which I thought was odd. So I stopped by the local marina to check on them. I had planned to add one on the bow and two on the stern. This would, of course, involve access holes and covers below the stern seats. After reading several of your horror stories of fouling lines and scarry tips I have decided NO CLEATS WILL BE ON MY CAPRI. I expecially enjoyed the advise to tie a line to the bow whatcha callit, and the stern thingamig. Please be patient with me as I will learn the correct terminology soon. Many thanks for the advise. I have added the capri to my favorites and I plan to visit often. Thanks again!