New owner in MN


Dragged her home today. 1976. Needs some love and a new sail in the near future, but the hull is solid… and came with a trailer.

Go away winter, you’re not welcome anymore.


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And congratulations on your new boat. I'm going to guess 1987ish. Does she have a name yet?

1976, no name thus far.

Zip ties make install of the block and stand up spring so much easier.

I got two stand up springs with the block. I wanted the fancy red one, because red always means faster, but couldn’t find a retailer that had it all the bits in one place.

My deck cleat is firmly secured with a solid block of nothing and just pulls out. Still weighing the options for that. I’d really like to not punch a hole through the deck. That decision will take a few more beers to hatch a final plan. In the mean time I picked up a couple 4” aluminum horn cleats and drop-shipped them to my machinist buddy. He is milling a radius into the mounting surface so they will be a straight and flat contact to the outer curve of the mast.

I saw the zip-tie trick watching one of Lee’s videos. That will be applied, as my harbor freight McPherson spring compressors would probably fail with that much tension.


Love the centennial model/colors!

I didn’t know about the blue hull to celebrate the Bicentennial until researching why it had one (was it painted?!). It did not come with the original sail, but I’m not broken up about it. $700 with the trailer, I’m pretty happy.