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So I recently bought a 1968 31' Seafarer (first boat) in Sausalito California, and I think it may have been a mistake.

I had been looking at buying my first sailboat 2 years ago, in the price range of 10-15k... Something for live aboard and learning to sail. I recently traveled the US by car and stopped when I found a job working/living on a 56' custom in Sausalito. As I got to know a lot of boat people and thought it would be a good time to consider buying my first boat again with those resources. This time however I looked for something in the range of 3-5k for live aboard, limiting my choices to much less liveaboard-worthy boats.

Unfortunately, in my rush to find a place to sleep and cook as opposed to living in my car, I jumped at a real project. I'm in over my head and am looking for any advice you could offer. Have any of you made a similar move or found yourself with too much to handle in boat buying?

Doesn't help that the tranny just went up in my car and I'm strapped for cash.