New non-skid deck question

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To anyone who might feel strongly one way or the other,

Am in the middle of a restoration project on J24 #2636. Part of that restoration involves rolling on a new non-skid deck.

I have re-cored all the water-damage with end grain balsa. I've re-glassed and faired the repairs. I drilled out all the through-deck fittings, widened the holes, filled them with epoxy, and redrilled them to provide future protection to the deck core. And now it's time to paint.

Which leads me to my question: for the deck smooth parts (trim around the toerails, sides of the cockpit tub, trim around the hatch and mast hole, etc) I have the choice of Pettit White (which is a high gloss urethane with silicone additive to maintain the luster and shine) or Pettit Semi-Gloss White (which is the same color, but less shiny). Which to choose?

Understand, the non-skid is being done in Pettit Mist Grey, so I'm really not worried about how much sunlight will reflect off the deck and blind me during races. The Mist Grey should be a good color, and with the sand additive shouldn't shine at all, which is good. The only thing of concern is the smooth parts.

If it doesn't matter one way or the other, I'm tempted to go with the glossier choice because it's so shiny looking. Does anyone feel very strongly that this is a bad choice? Is the semi-gloss THAT much more preferrable? And will this have a significant impact on resale value for the boat?

Thank you all for your input.