New non-legal Laser class name


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I suggest the Phaser or Blaser, or if the value of the boat plummets, the Loser Class.

Lu could call his the Looser. ;)
I suggest the Phaser or Blaser, or if the value of the boat plummets, the Loser Class.

Lu could call his the Looser. ;)
Hahaha! 'Merrily', you are great!
Yes, it's true I'm a so called "Trekki"! ;)

"Phaser" is nice, 'Merrily', my best, but "old school"... Blaser??? ... Hmm, don't know about...

Personally, in the monent: I am the honored founder (not the actual chairman!) and 1st member of the new so called "International "LUser"-Sailing Class Association"/"ILUCA" (like TLF member "Dr_Loser" (my brother from lovely ARG) is the founder of the so called: "International "P-Laser" Class Association"/"IP-LCA"), hahahaha! (The sailcloth insignia of "my" ILUCA" follows later here, "promised*"). :) :)

Back to Star Trek: :)
I waited a few days but, I am disappointed:
I wonder the youth (4.7 + Radial's) of TLF isn't creative enough here to present many-many various variations for"our" new class name here!! etc. ...

So, ladies and gentlemen:

Here is it!!!

The new name for our loved toy (former known under the name "Laser"(C))!

I call it in future:

The "Klingonaser"


by her shortcut:


Here, in attachment is, as it is in my own great honor to demand it to (as being also the inventor for this new name, and sailcloth-insignia + int. trademark holder ... etc., etc.):

- the sailcloth-Insignial"-sketch

added by some pictures of 1st class members!
- a Klingon Olympic aspirant (with and without wetsuit)
- Klingon-GGM K-"Fred" in his wetsuit,
- "Klingon-Lu" (in his wetsuit),
- K-"Heini" the actual new chairman of the "Int. Klingaser-Sailing Class Association (IKLA) and his executive officer K-"Jeff"!

KAPPLACH!!(="Klingon"language -> translation for: "Have fun!" :) :) :)

and "amen"


Cheers from GER to you all and have all successful weekend races on your Laser (as long it still is called "a Laser" )

P.S.: Directly Mr. Wesley W. Whitmyer, Jr. of St. Onge Steward Johnson & Reens, LLC, I 'm not afraid of YOU (and your here secretly viewing staff)... never!! Greetings of Europe, hahaha!!

*: (promised in the same way: like Chris Cladecoat from PSA and the girls/guy's of the ILCA-office/LP promised to give us "soon" more "independent" infos to the actual voting on the so called "Fundamental Rule" of the Laser(C) Class ... hahahaha!)



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This started in another thread, but I'll post it here to make it official.

Since we are being kept so much in the dark, I propose the "Mushroom Class".


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I'm working on a logo as we speak. Since I have an orange boat, it'll fit right in with the '60s age of love concept. I'll post pictures as soon as I have them. Anybody got an Intensity sail I can use for a prototype?
today on their website our Sailing Team GER (STG) called attention to the funny posters of the “GAOTG”-website for the Olympic Games at the UK:

Beside of the two other sailing related poster at the chapter “Roads”, the here below in my reply attached third sailing related poster (called “Parking in Weymouth will be limited (Sailing boat the road)”) is really worth to view more intensive:

I added two red circles to this poster: Could it be possible, LaserPerformance Europe Ltd. already designed a new “LP-Laser” sailing dinghy and “unreliable sources” of LP-E secretly have given a copy of the new prototype-design-sketches to the designers of the GAOTG-poster?

View to the nice new sail cloth insignia, the sail cloth window and there also is a red coloured rectangular “Laser”-sail-sticker and an “ILCA”-button!!

Related to the new Facebook-“LaserPerformanceUnion” This (GAOTG-poster’s, LP-Union, rumours about LP-E etc., etc. … ) would fit horrible good together...

{BTW: In one of the two other sailing related posters at the chapter Roads, one is able to recognize the well known red coloured rectangular sail sticker and an ILCA button, too!}

You know, I’m just kidding, but however, the GAOTG-poster look funny, yeah!

Nonetheless: Less than 22 days to go! –>

- Founder of the "ILUCA"(International "LUser"-Sailing Class Association)
- Member of the “Klingaser” Sail Class