New NA Exec Dir Needed: Contract for Executive Director Services


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Filing Period is now closed. See post #3 in this thread for more information.

International Laser Class Association
of North America

Contract for Executive Director Services

· Qualifications
o Experience in writing/journalism
o Experience with creating and maintaining a web site
o Experience with basic office software, including financial, database and desktop publishing
o Experience with public speaking
o Good interpersonal skills

· Responsibilities to include (but are not limited to):
o Manage the Laser Class office, including:
§ Interacting with the class membership on a daily basis,
§ Maintaining all financial records, including preparing monthly reports for review by the Class Treasurer and Executive Committee
§ Work with the Treasurer to develop an annual budget and submit for approval to the Executive Committee
§ Liaise with the North American Region builder (Vanguard)

o Publish a quarterly magazine containing:
§ Articles on major Laser/Radial/4.7 regattas in the past quarter,
§ Roundup on Master's and Junior's activities,
§ How-to and general Laser sailing related articles,
§ Reports from the Districts,
§ Reports/columns from the class officers as well as any other class business articles
§ ILCA Laser World insert

o Maintain an up to date class website including:
§ Complete schedule
§ Regatta results and write-ups
§ Contact information for fleets, districts, region, world levels,
§ Links to Laser related websites,
§ Support for Laser/Masters e-mail lists and/or Forum,
§ Provide archival information of interest to Laser sailors (e.g. list of perpetual trophies and their past winners)
o Recruit/Register/Solicit Laser Class members and maintain a membership database
o Coordinate and work with the District Secretaries in the North American Region
§ Provide support for organizing their districts
§ Coordinate District Championship regatta schedules

o Solicit/Maintain Laser relevant advertising streams through quarterly publication and website

o Organize and coordinate Laser/Radial/4.7 regatta schedule, including major Master's events
§ Liaise with regatta chairmen to insure the quality of Laser Class regattas and to insure that Laser Class membership is enforced (and collected)
· Attend, or insure that a suitable class representative attends, the major ILCA-NA regattas
§ Organize and score the Laser/Radial/4.7 Grand Prix

· Obtain awards from sponsors and award at the end of each season
§ Develop and maintain a list of North American Region regatta PRO's
§ Develop and maintain a list of experienced North American Region OTW judges

o Participate in the conception, planning and execution of programs designed to grow the Laser Class membership

o Other services related to promoting, developing, etc., the Laser Class Association of North America as determined by the ILCA-NA Executive Committee.

· Contact Information
o Interested parties should submit their application to by e-mail to:
o Applications should contain
§ A cover letter explaining why the applicant is interested in this position
§ A detailed resume highlighting experience
§ Any supporting documents, including example newsletters, links to web pages, etc.
o All applications must be RECEIVED by November 5, 2004.



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Tracy or anyone:

Any news on the replacement for James. I was under the belief James' contract has now expired.


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Exec Dir Application Period Over: Details

I recieved an email update from our new class president with the following information about the Executive Director possition.

The period for applying for the ExecDir position has now closed. We've certainly had quite a response!

Also, he wanted me to remind everyone the election results are out. You can review them at or at