New MKII sail VS Old MK1

Rob B

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Some weekend regatta observations between the new and old class standard sail.

We had about 20 full rig boats out. Conditions were breezy and lumpy. A consistent 15-20 breeze with some flat water and some lumpy water. We sailed 10 races over two days. Races lasted around 40 minutes and were windward/leeward 2 times around.

The top 4 boats of the event featured 3 MKII sails and 1 MKI. While the MKI looked horrible as far as wrinkles and such it was sailed as fast and faster on some races as he won a few. The top 4 boats were well sailed with 1st place finishes each.

Top finishers:
1st - MKII
2nd- MKI
3rd- MKII
4th- MKII
5th- MKII

It was a great regatta and proof that a well sailed MKI is just as fast as a well sailed MKII.

So, if you see a deal for a $300.00 lightly used MKI and are in need of a new sail I'd recommend you buy it. MKII's are hard to get and if your loosing races because of a ragged out sail and you're still loosing races with a nearly new MKI then the sail isn't your problem....
Thanks for the info. I'll be sailing a practice MKII this season and am really excited to try it out.

BTW, lose = not win, loose = not tight.