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I have a sunfish style boat that was made by Boston Sailor according to the plate on the deck. Does anyone have any info on these. I had a hull and a broken boom and while talking to my boss he told me he had everything else i could have them since he had bo hull. The rudder and dagger board are just plywood so i figure they will not be a long term solution. I got the daggerboard to work by adding a bungee from a cleat on one side to the other. The rudder is what I am having problems with. When I lock it down it just pops out when any pressure is applied. There is no spring to keep tension back on the rudder. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of the gudgeon.



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That rudder system is interesting. I do like the opposing pintle pin arrangement. I’ll venture the upper hinge of that kick-up box was once a removable pin with a hairpin cotter for a keeper. Something like that anyway. The lower… maybe the same thing if the rudder were to be fixed in place or, possibly a spring loaded snap if it was meant to pop loose kick-up fashion. One of the halves could also have contained plastic or rubber bumpers that snapped into the holes of the mating half.

The second elephant perspective there doesn’t provide a whole lot to go by.

Does this hull also have a metal collar around the mast tube opening?

Is there a hull drain located near the port side of the splash deflector?