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new lines for Laser 2

joe c

Im thinking of purchasing this one. I think its a bit smaller so I won't have to do any glass work. I can just make a bigger plate for it mount to and then mount to the boat
i was thinking if i did plates i would use the smallest one. there isnt a lot of glass to attach to. mines reinstalled so i dont have a pattern but my tool guy has a water jet and so cutting a little plate of stainless would be really easy. my hull is dry but the seal around the chute leaks letting water into the cockpit. fine when youre moving. but those days under 5kts its like a bathtub. i was thinking it would be a winter project. along with an adapter for the vang.

oh yeah. that one!


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The Super Mini is tiny. I'd go the Super Max + fibreglass route. It's actually not that much material that you'd have to add.

(The Super Max was standard on European-built Laser 2s. Not sure about the later North American boats.)



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There is already a lot of good info in this thread but here's another source for Laser II lines and has some length info.

Laser II Line Kit

That being said, I buy most of my Laser II stuff, including replacement lines, at foghmarine.com

If/when you remove the autobailer, check that area for broken epoxy and separation. I have an older hull from the 80's (#4366) where this happened.

The holes for the bailer will be drilled and have a countersink on the bottom of the hull. If you use something other than the Super Shute they may not line up.

Good luck.