Well Bradley you can add me to the list of not wanting to have anything to do with a forum operated by a trite trivial person.

Please remove me from this forum as well!

Bruce MacInnis

[quote:397b4a8a17]I DON'T GET YOU PEOPLE! So what if someone screws up on a damn copyright or edits a friking post. WHO CARES! The whole god damn purpose of this forum was so laser sailers could talk and enjoy each others presence which is so harshly starved in the real world! I love this sight and i admire bradley for taking his owne time to work on it which he does very well! Who the hell do you think you are shevy?!? Brad is a good guy and all you ever do is give him lip. He means well and so does the forum. you're lucky he even puts up with your constant bickering. So i speak for myself when i say i'm glad you're leaving.


see am I missing something here? i mean really who gives a crap if someone can change your post or whatever. [u:397b4a8a17][i:397b4a8a17]IS[/i:397b4a8a17][/u:397b4a8a17] there something that i'm missing? i don't really see any problem at all. the problem is with these people. i don't think they get the point that IT'S NOT YOUR DAMN FORUM!!


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The Future:

The Laser Forum and its moderators are currently working on a constitution. This will setup the rules and guidelines for mods, users, admins, etc. The new forum Forum Management was created to discuss the new constitution once it is drafted.



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glad you like the quick reply box. I have been working on the forum a lot today. I have added a few hacks from, including the shoutbox, users online today, and quick reply. If any one has a suggested hack to install please PM me and I will look into it and consider installing it. Also coming soon is a vbulletin powered homepage at