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New Laser Fleet in Bourne, Massachusetts?


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Hi everyone,

There are rumors circulating around Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States) of a new and growing Laser fleet sailing out of Parker's Boat Yard in Bourne, MA. I can't find anything about them online. Does anyone know who these guys are and if they're legit? And if so, when they sail? I drove by the boat yard they sail out of this morning, not a laser to be found. Currently I drive a pretty long way for good racing, when I heard about these guys it sounded like something worth checking out, but I can't find anything about them, or if they even exist.

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.


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Buzzards Bay Laser Revival

The group usually has 8-12 boats on Sunday mornings. Mostly they have been frostbiting in the fall/spring but this summer they ran some races too. They sail out of Parkers Boatyard if they can stay off to the side out of the way of the "real" boats. During the winter they sail inside Bassetts Island which gives them a little protection, sometimes they were trying to race on the outside of the island but Buzzards Bay can get a little hairy. Seems like a good group, a few serious competitors and few more willing to take on the challenges. Some of them sail out of Buzzards YC but the club is too small to accommodate them.