New John Howard style SF bunks

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The boat is the 1880s river skiff BARBASHELA from the Beauvoir Museum, severely damaged in Hurricane Katrina. We resurrected her in 2016 and returned her to the Museum. She was built in the 1880s by Captain T. P. Leathers of the steamboat NATCHEZ for his friend Winnie Davis, daughter of Jefferson Davis.
WOW!!! Quite a history on that boat, and mad woodworking skills restoring her with only those few broken sticks as templates. And yes, the Penebscot is a sweet boat as well. You're the real deal, son!

I appreciate seeing woodworking skill, especially when applied to boats, wooden boats. My grandfather was a carpenter turned boatbuilder back in the day. I'll post a few pics sometime. As a youth, I was too busy doing stupid stuff and didn't learn any of that from him. Now, I do enjoy reading about lofting, steam-bending beams, etc..