New Jib and jib halyard

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I bought my 14.2 last summer. It didn't come with a jib, and wasn't rigged for one, nor is it rigged with a furling forestay. So I bought a new set of sails including a hank on jib, can someone post some pictures of how their jib halyard is set up at the mast tang. The owner manual posted on this site only shows the running rigging of jib halyard at the mast base. I have a pretty good idea of what is needed up the mast, just want to make sure, or if anyone has better ideas, I would like to hear them. I was just going to use a harken 29mm bullet block and a shakle to attach.
Don't know how far down the pulley for the jib goes but it is near the top. Expand my pic and you can see it. Then it is just a halyard down to a cleat at the base of the mast or as I did, I put a turning block and jam cleat on the deck for quick release. IMG_4764.JPG IMG_4767.JPG