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NEW ILCA-NA By-Laws Posted


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New By-Laws
A draft set of By-Laws is now available for downloading. Please give your feedback to your District Secretary.

Here is the document in MSWord Format:

Here is a link to the announcement by the ILCA-NA Secretary:

Here is the page with District Secretary Contact Info:

The floor is also open here, I am interested to here what people think of this.



Dear Brad,

Would it be a good idea to get ILCA-NA's permission (as a courtesy) and post the full Kastel announcement here in detail? It would make any references to that announcement much easier.

[In fact, since the announcement is by a public persona (an officer of ILCA-NA) on a policy issue of public interest in a public medium, US anti-SLAPP laws would always protect the full disclosure of the Secretary's remarks here.]

IMHO, the announcement by Secretary Kastel is at least as noteworthy as the draft of the By-Laws since it sheds light on the frame of mind in which the draft is composed.

It is also interesting to observe that ILCA-NA, which has been recently posting on TLF copies of all their announcement made on the NA Mailing List, has neglegted to post a copy here of this most important public announcement.

Shevy Gunter

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future NA member