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New Documentary Project "morning Star" - Sailing To Hawaii


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New documentary project "Morning Star" about sailing to Hawaii in the Pacific Cup 2012 has been initiated! This film is going to tell a compelling story of a couple that has encountered both injury and illness but has never lost hope to fulfill their lifelong dream of sailing to Hawaii! You can help by following our project either in Facebook, Kickstarter or just by spreading the word! See links below!

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"Dan and Ann Dow will be declared cured of cancer in early July, 2012. They will be setting sail for Hawaii on July 16th. This dream has been their lifeline and it is finally being realized. But a lot can happen in three weeks at sea. This documentary is about more than 2,200 miles at sea. Once we reach Hawaii, we'll sail with the Morning Star to some of the remote islands that are only accessible by boat. In addition, we'll get to know some of the other racers in the Pacific Cup and follow their adventure as well. When the film is "in the can" it won't just be about the ocean and boats. It'll be about people. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things."

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Cute... Morning star is the name given to the planet Venus when it appears in the east before sunrise (as though heralding the coming of the morning). "Phosphorus" or "Light-Bringer" is the ancient Greek mythological name for the planet. It is also named Ἑωσφόρος, Heosphoros, "Dawn-bringer".