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New CCM Tiller with FatPipe Extension


Since my boat is Canadian made, I thought I would construct a CCM (Canadian Cycle & Motor) tiller made from a lightweight carbon hockey stick. This one is a Ribcor Trigger (Ovechkin model, of course, Winner!). After cutting, it's weighing in at 191 grams for 34", which I bought on eBay for $20. There is also a rubberized texture for increased grip, especially when wet, it you ever have to grab the tiller :eek:. If this shaft can withstand the all-mighty Ovechkin slapshot, it should hold up to the sailing G's.

For the flange, I made a mold from the metal one you can buy for a round tiller, and filled with thickened epoxy, then cut/sanded down the neck to fit the stick, then spray painted lime green (to match the boat, a little bit) ;).

The extension is a 39" carbon Floorball stick (great sport, btw) from FatPipe (Finnish) that weighs in at 195 grams. Looking at the various brands of carbon tiller/extension sticks, mine has to be the lightest. And, no matter what anyone says, lighter is better, of course I used to work with professional Indy/LeMans racing teams, so that is my mantra :rolleyes:. I also have to make up the weight difference for having the original stainless steel rudder head fittings, :D.

I still need to put on a metal wear plate and rudder cleat, but, for the most part, it's ready for action. Thought I would show that it is possible to save a few hundred $$$ on an upgrade, with a little (COVID) time and ingenuity ;).
Happy Sailing All!