New Capri owner, anchoring question

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Hello to the forum,
I just purchased a '91 Capri! I can't wait for it to warm up enough to take it sailing here in Central Oregon. I have a question, regarding being able to keep the boat in the water for a few days at a time. The lake that I am most interested in sailing this summer has rocky shores all around, so beaching is not really an option. I was wondering if it is okay to anchor the Capri in the water or will the hull take on water? I feel like I remember hearing that the type of hull plug that the Capri has is really only designed to keep water out while the boat is moving, it isn't designed to be watertight. Is this true? Does anyone have any experience with keeping the boat in the water?

If your boat takes on water I would say its coming from a crack or small hole or its coming in through the seam where the bottom hull is attached to the deck. Not through the drain plug.

I just bought a Capri and the previous Owner kept it all summer in a lake. Now I need to flip it over and clean the bottom tho.....

Good Luck
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Thanks for the response. I haven't sailed the boat yet, so it was just a hypothetical question about the water-tightness of the drain plug. Glad to hear that I should be able to keep it in the water for a few days at a time.