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Now that World Sailing has finally okayed the Olympic status, it's (finally) time for the next step: ILCA now accepting new builder applications

Some interesting points :
  • "The ILCA Class Rules now allow builders and suppliers to manufacture and sell class-legal equipment under alternative trademarks brands, as long as all equipment is compliant with the construction manual." Translation: no deal with LaserPerformance about licensing the Laser name for the new builders. The new boats have to be sold as, for example, "ILCA Dinghies" although they will race in the "Laser" class.
  • "The current process is seeking to appoint new builders only. A process for appointment of new equipment suppliers will follow completion of the current round of the new builder appointment process." Does "supplier" here mean "manufacturer of anything else than the hull" or "dealer"?
  • ..."ILCA has no target for the number or location of new builders." Not necessarily a good thing. With decreasing global demand, we can't have that many new builders (realistically, two or three), and some regions (like South America) will be left out again.
  • "ILCA takes no position as to the level of competition in any market and will not in any way allocate market areas or restrict the ability of any builder to sell class-legal equipment wherever it chooses." Yes. This finally fixes the fundamental problem.
  • "...builders will be required to commence production no later than 12 months after the 2020 Olympics." First "new" boats on the market two years from now at the very latest.
  • what was called the Laser Construction Manual is apparently now the "ILCA Build Manual" (IBM) , although it's not used consistently here.


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To me the big question is how fast will PSA be able to ramp things up, establish a dealer network and get gear distributed into the markets. Given their big ad in the new Laser Sailor they appear to be going for it.


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This is great news, at least for the US market. But we will have to be patient; PSA appears to be focussed on supplying Lasers for the big events coming up in Australia.

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From the upcoming Laser Sailor mag PSA is advertising boats to be available in the US, (at least for event chartering and post regatta purchase) in the next few months!

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An update from LPE

Considering these guys just lost a huge lawsuit with Kirby I'd take any news release from them with a huge grain of salt. Furthermore, as long as they are building boats in violation of a patent, (or whatever it is) who would want to make them an "approved" builder just from that standpoint alone. NOT considering the OTHER reasons they were given the boot and then given 6 MONTHS to make the necessary changes to be approved again?