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Hello to all from Colorado,

I am a new owner of a Catalina 14.2, and a new member of your association.
In about a month I will take out my 14.2 for the first time. Although I am an experienced sailor, what would be your advice for a first time user of a Catalina 14.2?



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Making Adjustments


If your experience is in dinghy sailing, you'll find the Capri 14.2 easy to sail. But there are a few things that might be helpful to keep in mind...

The rudder is somewhat short, so if she heels sharply it will lift out of the water. She sails best flat, or with a slight heel.

Learning to capsize and right the boat under controlled, forgiving conditions is probably something you plan to do in your first season (it's a good idea). But be aware that the high freeboard makes climbing back aboard a real challenge. My solution was to make a rope ladder.

Both Quantum Sails and North Sails have guides for tuning the Capri 14.2; here's the link for Quantum's:

There's an interesting thread ("Transom Height") dealing with options for adding a gas or electric motor.

One thing you may find about the Capri 14.2 is that she is a very comfortable boat to sail. The cockpit is open with few obstacles, the deck is self-bailing, the gunwales are broad and comfortable for hiking, and the boom is higher than on many other one-design sloops. She's a good boat for teaching sailing, and less physically challenging for guests than other sailboats her size. Given her covered deck and molded benches, she's somewhat heavy, and may not be the fastest 14 foot sailboat on the lake. But she's probably the most comfortable...

I hope this is helpful. I'm sure your'll enjoy your boat.



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Thanks for beginner's info

Thanks Greg,

Just as I thought, good advise from a fine association. At my age (57) keeping the boat level and flat is fine with me. I'll pull'er over when I get a little more confidence. I've owned everything from a Snark boat to a 25 foot Seaward on Lake Michigan. Sailed to Cuba in a Montgomery 17 back in 1993 from Key West. I called it my foolish 007 trip. The trip was interesting but it scared the hell out of me. Now a Catalina 14.2 daysailer at this time in my life feels just about right. Can't wait for the ice to melt.

Thanks Again,
Mike (Mooseman) from Frederick Colorado