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New Boat Owner - Need ID Help

Hello All,

my family was recently gifted a used sailboat. It measures 15 feet and has a layout similar to the 470 class, but the hull (or foot well) is not as deep or intricate. Any chances anyone out there can guide me through an accurate ID process so we can get the correct sails? Thanks in advance.

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Hello LaLi, thank you for the response. The response above has the photos you requested. I'd imagine the mast and boom need measurements also, but before I begin thinking about purchasing sails for this girl, I would like to know if repair of the cracks in the bottom of the "foot well" is possible (what is this area of the boat called?). From there I can begin thinking about replacing the trailer tires, sails, getting a rudder and completing the rigging with new lines.

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Could be a Vanguard 15, but need much more data. Could you post pictures?



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ABS is a shit show. Google Hunter hull repair to see what others have done. I think G_flex epoxy is the most common recommendation.