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New 2020 ILCA 4 Dinghy; upgraded & RACE READY


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Lake Geneva
Brand new sailed 6 times in fresh water practice on Lake Geneva WI. PSA Hull, Carbon Top Section, lower section, Boom, ILCO sail (already numbered) battens, Rudder Daggerboard, Carbon Fiber Tiller, carbon fiber tiller extension, Clay Allen Kit for Vang, CA Outhual, inhaul bungee CA Cunningham, CJ bungee System, spliced and Whipped Traverler SEA Clew strap, Marlow Fusion Hiking strap adjusement lines, Rooster Mainsheet, Dynamic Dolly Colie Delus top bottom blade covers and spar bag.
additionals . ILCA Laser Sausage Sail bag, new replacement baliler, additioanl Inhaul Mojoy 3 additioanal spliced dingleberry with single Allen block.
Boat is absolutely cherry condition, not a scratch, nick or anything. winter stored indoors.

contact Jordan Gray at 312-237-0572 jordan.gray@nbc.com