New 2017 Performance Laser with new aluminum trailer

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2017 Performance Laser with galvanized trailer in new condition. upgraded race rigging. Always garaged, showroom condition. Used once (literally unfortunately). Paid $8,000 asking $6,800. SW Ocala Florida. Call Mike 860-922-4050.


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Hi Zach. I forgot to mention that this is one of the last Lasers made in the UK (its on the transom). They were moving the factory to China. I also have a new sail bag. I have the numbers which have not yet been applied to the sail. The trailer ball hitch is 1-7/8"

Can you call me? (860) 922-4050. Thanks, Mike
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Hi, it is the Performance Laser (not the women's Radial) with upgraded rigging. Part# LP10401 Laser Race kit 2. I also purchased a nice traveler block for it. It has a GB_ serial number and says "made in the UK" on the transom.

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Yes, you're correct. I just checked and It is a Trailex aluminum trailer. Serial # OHIO 44406. Custom made actually because the trailer that was matched with it had a 1" too wide opening for my garage opening. I think for a small boat aluminum is fine. You can just pick it up and walk it around.

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Hi, on the receipt it just says Laser STD RIG. I would have to take it out of the sail bag to see if it said anything else. The boat itself is a beautiful Carolina Blue. Regards, Mike
OK . From the photo is looks like the bi-radial design of the Mark 2 std.
The sailmaker's logo should be a patch on or near the tack, if you take it out of the bag. The North sails logo used to be an "N. " Not sure if it has changed. What about the sail numbers? Do you have the US issued?
Thanks, Bruce.
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Hi, yes I have the US issued numbers. They are not applied to the sail yet. All it says on the sail is LASER CLASS LEGAL SAIL 4.5 with a serial number.
Regards, Mike
Sounds good. I would like to come and look at the boat, but could not come up (from Orlando) until Sunday of the (next) holiday weekend.
Would that work?
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Sure Bruce. That would work. I actually drove from Tallahassee to Fort Walton Beach when I bought the boat (about a three hr drive). I had tried to find a used Laser with a trailer within a four hour drive that was in good condition but couldn't so I bought new. We moved to Ocala back in February. My number is 860-922-4050. Regards, Mike
Hello again Mike.
Im checking into see if coming to view the boat tomorrow still works for you. I will give you a call to finalize at 860-922-4050 if you answer in the affirmative.