New 14.2 Owner with a couple questions - transom cracks

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Long time lurker, first time poster. In fact this forum's a lot of why I went out of my way to find a 14.2. Lots of good info here. Can't find advice on my specific question, so here goes. Apologies if already answered, please link me to any relevant posts.

Boat's a Mod 2, circa 1992. Hull is in great shape overall, really hasn't been used much. I disassembled the hull drain because the plug is missing and there's some cracking/gouging around the screw holes. See attached.

Inside of the hull seems dry peering in the drain hole. Haven't sailed it yet (obviously can't without a hull drain plug!) but wondering if cleaning it up and caulking around the drain fitting screw holes would be sufficient. Thinking of using 3M 3000 UV Marine Sealant so I can disassemble it in the future if needed. My understanding is that 5200 is basically a permanent bond, and I don't want that. Or is this in need of a more substantial repair to prevent further cracking or leaks?

There's also some light cracking but no gouging around the self-bailer holes, and some others around the transom. Should I be concerned?

Any advice is appreciated.


Hi HanSolex
In the third picture I see more cracks in the fiberglass on the transom. That leads me to believe that the reinforcement wood (if there is some, not sure what Catalina used) is wet and has frozen over the years of winters. Don't know where the boat has been ( north or south) but it is a thought. I would not use 5200. There is a caulking that will work on the plug wet or dry. Not sure of the name...S...flex...or something. What you should do is get Dremel and grind out one of the transom cracks and find out what is behind the crack. Then fill with thicken epoxy. Lots of utubes on this subject. Good luck and yes get out sailing!