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Never sailed before, but I want to learn.


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I just have this need to sail across the Pacific, and I understand that may be incredibly foolhardy to say, given how I've never sailed before.

If you were me, and you were going to do this, what would be the best course of action? Of course learning to sail, but if it was you, what would YOU do?


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Good day.
May way it is little bit similar to yours and may be it will be useful to talk.
It is need to work with that ou have on hands.
If you have opportunity to rent or bay best start from one step at time. For me my own very small kayak is better than cruise ship.
How old are you? Did you have time to work as service sailor for some time?
If you have no time for service you may start from own boat on inner water with no big waves and strong winds.
Big ocean it is million of right decisions of small problems.
You may ask himself - which hull I may have for start?