Network Latency (Slowness)


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Hi Everyone,

The sites on the Sailing Forums Network server have been moving incredibly slowly over the last 24-48 hours. I have fully investigated our server and found no problem, however I did contact the data center where our machine is located and here is their response:

Hello, we are currently experiencing a ddos attack at the edge of our network. This is negatively affecting server by creating packet loss and high latency times. We understand this is affecting your business. We are working to have it solved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.
In the past the company has been very quick at fixing any troubles launched their way. Right now they are in a difficult situation as a group of ill intended hackers is attempting to take their network down. Please be patient and thank you for using the forum!
Hi Bradley,
yes, sometimes I see "Error 404" or, if I click to the sailing discussion area when I 'm at the forums index, I recognize that sloweness (although, my internet-entrance in general works with the famous lame analog V.90 modem and from that I learnt to be patient allways... ).
Sometimes "actualize the site" (a button at my IE 6) helps, sometimes not. We all know, you and your team do the very best to let be TLF alive. Thanks for your great work and don't forget to go out and sail somewhere, there where you live. I guess, you have a nice hot summer, too there like we have here in central-Europe in the moment :)

If I see one of such "ill intended hackers" out here on the water, I let them feel the J-Fatso of Laser Manatee (my Laser) very painful, promised!