Neil Pryde or North????

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Hey 'fishers

I have 2 boats in the 1999 vintage that I just bought this spring. One has a north rec sail, one has a neil pryde rec sail. I didn't know neil pryde was making the rec sails.

The north sail seems fuller although the cloth seems a little less tempered than the neil pryde. Both sails have the class approved logos...the logos are a little different though. Anyone have information on the differences or who was actually building the sails in or around 1999?

I am not sure which is which. I use North only and if you are racing you don't want a rec sail anyway. Get a North Racing sail cause everyone I race against uses them. I now you can buy cheap sails that work from a few places but not class legal. Hope this helps,

Ryan :rolleyes:
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Thanks for the reply......I do recognize that North is the only class sanctioned manufacturer of race sails and that you can't be competitive with a rec sail.

I was just wondering what the deal was with Neil Pryde and North both having the class approved sticker on rec sails from the "supposed" same year and the fact that the cuts seem quite different.

Locally, we are developing a fleet in Erie, PA and are proposing to use only the rec-sail to minimize cost for racing in-town and to bring out as many boats as possible.

More info please.....anybody?


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There was a short period of time when Pryde made Sunfish sails. The mfr of the boats at the time was interested in low cost sails, I believe. At one point, Gaastra made sails for a year or two, Fogh made the sails back in the 80s, and the original mfr of Fish sails was Ratsey and Lapthorn. I don't know that anyone will have info on the relative merits of the pryde or the Gaastra - they just did not make them long enough for anyone to get experience withthem, altho I recall the Gaastra sails were really bad. BB
None of the "recreational" sails made since Fogh are even remotely competative. Fogh was bought by North sails and the their Canadian loft was where the first generation of racing sails were produced until North moved production to the Sari Lanka loft in Indonesia.
Just a quick note. If you are really looking for rec sails, check out e-bay. Someone is always selling brand new ones for a pretty good deal. Very rarely a racing sail comes up but the rec ones often. Just type sunfish sail in the search area. Not sure how gret a deal but every bit helps.
The ones on there now are $257.00 plus shipping. Not that greeat a deal. Not sure how much from a dealer.

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I finally had the opportunity to sail side by side with my wife with the north sail and the neil pryde rec-sails. Then we switched boats. The pryde sail is visually super flat when compared to the north, even when the pryde was set up very scalloped along the luff and foot. It felt dead and lifeless in 8-10 kts of breeze and relatively flat water.

The north was a lot fuller, much faster, and had "feel".

My friend has a "generic" cut that he bought through Murray's is also very flat.

The cloth is a little different too.

That's about as much detail as I can give. If you're going to get a rec-sail, I'd stick with a north cut rec sail and avoid the others.

Just thought someone might find it interesting.