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Needing some expert advice on a Laser II purchase.

I have run across a 1986 Laser II for sale about 300 miles from home that I am very interested in buying. The Hull ID# is ZID05358K586, from research is a 1986 Laser Int. built in Canada. Is there any particular common issues with these boats I need to be aware of? I just finished an 11 month complete restoration of a 1979 Sunfish , so I have a good working knowledge of small boat repairs. I raced Lasers in the 70's and 80's and I am familiar with the Laser but not the Laser II. The photo's of the boat look like it is relatively clean and has all the major components. I just need to know the beartraps of expensive or unavailable parts that I might need or expensive repairs that would be beyond a good DYI sailor. Any input would be appreciated before I jump into the deep water with this boat. I think his selling price in the $1000.00 - 1200.00 range with a trailer is probably about market for these boats. Thanks


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The "K586" in the ID means that boat was built in November 1985 for model year '86. The sail number is 5358 and confirms it's an '85, although of course it most likely wasn't sailed before '86.

"Unavailable parts" covers by now almost all Laser 2 class-specific equipment :confused: The international class association quit operating last year (no members, no income), and the World Sailing status of the class was withdrawn. With almost no demand for many years now, the stocks of the last few dealers are pretty much empty. That means you have to rely on the second-hand market, which in turn luckily means that you can forget the "expensive". The worst-case scenario is having to buy another whole boat for spares, and even that isn't as costly as it first sounds.

For "expensive repairs " you should talk to joe c, who's done some extensive L2 restoration work. He knows very well what the inside of an ancient L2 looks like: Laser 2 stuff; one piece mast mystery and hull dissection :D
The short story is that 1) the internal plywood structure may have deteriorated beyond repair, and 2) the deck and cockpit floor may have delaminated. You need to get your hands on the boat to find out.

LaLi, Thanks for the input. I guess the only way to see what the boat is really all about is to make the trip and get "hands on". Is there any specific areas of the cockpit / hull that experience the dreaded glass delamination more than others? Will just doing a palm bump on the suspect areas similar to the Sunfish tell me what I need to know? I appreciate your feedback.


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The most susceptible areas are those that have been stepped on the most... that is, really most of the cockpit floor, the forward 3/4 of it. The deck is less critical, for example with the aft deck it really doesn’t matter.
I like to do the ”soundcheck” :D - if knocking on the surface produces a short, high sound, the laminate is likely ok. If it’s a low ”thump” that you hear, then the core isn’t attached to the skin anymore.
I’d also check the bottom by pushing it on the centreline between the centreboard case and the bailer. If it flexes more than a few millimetres, then there’s a problem with the internal spine, which means either a big restore or no deal.



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Probably a bit late now, but if you have brought it check corrosion under the shroud and trapeze wire bolts on the mast. Take out the bolts and check for cracks. Caught us out.
Thanks for the info Riv. After doing the research on this boat we made a decision to pass on the Laser II. The lack of parts and the probability of some major repairs was a real negative. We did find a good deal on a 1995 standard Laser the following week and picked it up last weekend. We have some repairs and parts replacement but I think we can be on the water shortly.

joe c

sorry i missed this.

yeah....the hulls leak either through the seams or at the bailer mostly i think. a previous owner to my boat used sheet rock screws to attach some stuff in the cockpit at the floor and that leaked water into the hull after they rusted and corroded. plus rain im guessing would fill it up and get into the hull. the mast step construction is kind of a joke. but gotta keep in mind these are cheaply built production boats and im doubting anyone thought 40 years later anyone would still be sailing them. i replaced and glassed in a new step with white oak. it was a pain. everything inside the hull bulkhead wise was garbage. its only 3/8" plywood. it took a lot of fitting and messy epoxying to sister and reinforce stuff thorough a little port. peeling the deck off the hull would be a gigantic pain just because the cockpit floor/deck is attached pretty well at the dagger trunk.

i traded some email with kent from aerosouth and its funny...he mentioned dinghy sailors not wanting to spend money on their boats. im continuously impressed at how cheap stuff seems to be. ive added a new spinnaker and trapezes to mine. rerigged the entire boat, spinnaker trolley etc. im working on getting a spinnaker chute built for it. there hasnt been anything thats been expensive enough that i said "nope not doing it" my last mild obsession was motorsports though. so.....lol

masts are prone to break or bend when digging into the bottom. so i bought an entire other boat the first chance i had. really to get the rig if nothing else. that worked out pretty well. it was a low hour boat. but the hull was total garbage from sitting outside and its owners not knowing the seam was leaking. so i got spars, blades, sails and lots of fittings plus a trailer. also, the super chute 90 bailer is no longer made. so if it has the original plastic bailer, there is no direct replacement for it, and there are no rebuild kits for them.

the other down side is the boat really is a double hander. single handing it is definitely doable but youre definitely going swimming in any kind of moderate wind. the boat overpowers pretty quick.

i do love my laser2. its a little small. but with a decent person in the front seat its really a lot of fun. have fun with the standard though.

also...i think if you tag me for example @LaLi itll send me a notification. i think.
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