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NEEDED: Laser sailboat to complete U.T. Austin Sailing Fleet

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Hello everyone,

The University of Texas Sailing Club is currently developing its fleet in order to teach students the thrill of sailing. Our Laser fleet is severly depleted. We only have one laser and over 40 active members. Fortunately most of these members are inexperienced and are currently learning on Sunfish, however, they will soon be moving to Laser class boats.

We do have a small budget for boat purchase; however, our fleet is primarily stocked by donations. All donations are tax deductible.

If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting the development of younger sailors through donations please contact me by e-mail.

We are also looking for a used Flying Scot Halyard Winch!!



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You may want to contact Vanguard and speak to a development coordinator about the possibility of educational grants.

Since you have a respectable amount of people participating in your program they may be receptive to discussions. They may not "give" you everything that you need but it may be enough to encourage the school to enhance the budget.

I think that there is a few reps that are already members of the board.

Good Luck..!!
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