Need Used Sails

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Hey Anyone with extra sails that is looking to get rid of them email me at They dont have to be great, not going to use them for racing so as long as they arent ripped they are fine, even if they repairable they'd be fine.
Quantum Capri 14.2 jib

I have a Quantum jib for sale. It was last used during the Nationals at Mission Bay Yacht Club. It has been used about 15 days and never in extreme conditons. It has always been rolled and is in excellent condition. It does have a small stain near the the clew from an unknown source. I can e-mail a picture if desired. I will not accept less that $120 for the sail. I can be reached by e-mail or cell 619-997-8354.

Dave Leuck, San Diego
No body at the Nationals races with a furler as you'd get shot out the back of the fleet fast. I know Dave and thats an A-1 Quantum racing jib. Great for racing or day sailing, just not a furler. :(
I have Sobstad sails (old and tired) and a furler. I was thinking of getting a racing job without a furler, but having one out here has saved my butt a couple of times. (Most of the time the conditions here were relatively mild, but I've been out several times in 20+ knot winds.) I have never not had the furler. Does the standard jib have a separate halyard and forestay, and can the jib be doused easily?

Hi Dave,
I think a jib on a furler is a great item to have on a Capri 14.2. Too bad the class rules don't make it a must have item. That said, yes the Jib gets its own halyard and it come down easy but not as easy as a roller does. The non-roller jib has snaps that attach the jib to the forestay. With the jib halyard, you can adjust the jib halyard tension while underway so you can change the shape of the jib for different wind conditions without adjusting the rig set up. I'm still amazed you guys will sail these boats in 20 knots and more. On those days you'll find me in my Laser or on a Lightning hiking hard and having a great time plaining along. :D
I will have to check the PHRF for my club and see it they have different ratings for with furler and without. If not, I will get a set of racing sails with the non-furling jib.

(I plained once in a summer storm...on the main alone.)

I prefer ~15 knot winds, but if the wind kicks up and it have a crewmate who trusts me and whom I trust, I will leave the jib out, hike, and hang on for the ride. We may not get going as fast as other boats, but it is still fun.

Dave, is a jib "shipable", or is that a local pickup item only?