Need trailer and centerboard

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Hi I just inherited a capri 14.2 and need a trailer for it. Does anyone know where to find one. Preferably, used and cheap, but I will consider all options. Also, there is no centerboard. Can I make this or buy it from someone. Thanks for the help. John
Did you eventually find a trailer? If so, where and how much did it cost you? I may soon buy a Capri, but I need a trailer for it.


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When I bought my C14.2, the dealer also had a used boat that I looked at the trailer was in rotten shape. He said he could get a new trailer for $800. Seemed like a pretty good price. Here's the page for these trailers

You could do better with a used one, but personally, I've spent too much time hacksawing off trailer parts and trying to find bearings etc.

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Need trailer

Blubalou - I saw that you're in San Diego. So am I. Last night I just happened to be talking with our dry storage guy here at Mission Bay Yacht Club. He was telling me about a surplus Capri 14.2 trailer that was sort of abandoned here at the club. It needs work and has to be registered, but you could probably buy from the club real cheap. If you'll e-mail me ( I'll give you his name and number.