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I had a bad capsize and lost my tiller and tiller extension for my capri 14/2. Anyone have any suggestions as to where I can replace it? thank you!
Looking at the parts list, I would think that you would have to get the kick up head and other metal parts from them, but $120 - $130 for a tiller and extension sounds a little rediculous. A simple 2x2 from Lowe's would cost, what, $5? Round out the shaft with
a knife and sanding (or a friend with a lathe) and it would work fine. A simple piece of metal rod or 1/2" - 3/4" conduit with a rubber tip would easily serve as an extension piece. Flatten one end, put a hole in it, and screw it into the new tiller with washers and you're good to go.
You might want to get a Baby Bob mast float so that you will never capsize again. With the float the boat will only stand on it's side. Go to page two of the Capri 14.2 forum and scroll down to "Expo 14.2 turtling" On that page I have sent complete instructions of one way to attach it to the Capri mast with photo's. Go to pages 3, 4, and beyond. You will find several methods that members have sent in for getting it on the C-14. This is one source for it “BABY BOB” MAST FLOAT You can find it on E-Bay and Amazon as well as on many sailing item online stores. Just look for Baby Bob by Hobbie Cat in your browser. You can look at these sites too.
Baby Bob mast float - AOL Search Results
A post hole digger replacement handle works perfectly and it is made of hardwood. All you have to do is cut it to length and drill holes for mounting. Stain it and put a few coats of varnish on it and you can't tell it from the original tiller. The price is cheep and it works great!