Need Radial lower and upper mast sections

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I am looking for Radial lower and upper mast sections. They don't need to be in perfect shape but good enough for club racing. Once these are acquired I will be in the market for a used Radial sail.
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I keep the two sections of my standard mast attached and roll my sail on the mast for temporary strorage between sailing sessions. My wife would like a radial rig which we would store similarly. So I'd really need both sections of the radial mast. :eek:
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There is no bend in the mast when I store it. The boom is detached so there's no boom vang to induce mast bend. I simply remove the battens from the sail after removing the mast from the hull, then I roll the sail around the mast and store it on brackets attached to a couple of posts in my carport. It works fine. When I go sailing again, I unroll the sail, replace the battens, and step the mast.
hmm, i find when my lower and top are put together theres definatly a bend (seems to be mainly in the lower section) it also seems more pronounced as you go down the sail sizes (when comparing Rad and 4.7) this could be because the same bend is needed within a smaller space.
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