Need Parts

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Just purchased an 88 14.2 and it nedds a little TLC in a few areas and I am looking for advice as to where I can purchase some items without havint to pay West Marine type prices.

I need a new hatch cover, present one is wood and is rotted pretty bad., Prefer firberglass if they make one that fits.

The boat is on a triler and am looking for a reasonable cover that can be used with the mast down but with out removing all of the stays and rigging

Small Motor, where I need to launch from I cannot raise my mast until after I get under a bridge and its too long a ways to paddle. Need to know if I need a long shaft or is a short shaft okay?

And speaking of having to raise the mast while in the water, does anyone know of a pulley system available to do this with?

Hiking straps are shredded need new

Wishlist - Roller Furling

Does anyone make a Spinnaker for this boat that does not cost more than the boat?

Any and all help is appreciated as I am a Newbie!!!:)