Need parts to make repairs.

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1. Old-style front hatch cover for 1980 J/24. White trim. I have hardware.
2. Cabin sole teak/cherry replacement. I believe this one was pre-cut by the supplier to follow vermiculite removal project.
Is cabin sole from solid wood pieces or verneer marine ply? What is thickness? Any photos? You can send to scotth at hiflyr dot com.

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I've included pictures. The main piece is 1/2" teak and holly from their conversion kit. Surprisingly it absorb water and rot around the edges. 69 7/16"x 25 1/4". It tapers to 20 5/8". It has a bevel around the perimeter and fits nicely. The back piece covers the exposed area under the cooler. 1/4" plywood, 29 7/8"x 25 1/4". The main floor requires some supports around the bilge access panel. Is there a maintenance instructions. 518 788.0697.