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Need inexpensive daggerboard

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My "backyard cruising" Minifish daggerboard has gone AWOL.

Whole boat cost $250, so looking for a very cheap option :)

I heard it was the same blade as a sunfish daggerboard?

Thanks for any help...


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I have a free daggerboard, needs refinishing, located in RI. If shipping is needed that is not free. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo-dot-com.

Alan Glos

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i have a frp daggerboard a few incches are missing off the bottom but it works 50.00 plus shipping
If you still have the tip damaged Sunfish FRP daggerboard at $50, I may be interested in buying it. E-mail me at aglos@colgate.edu. A photo showing the entire board and a close up of the tip would be a big plus. Also, where are you located?

Alan Glos
Cazenoia, NY
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